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2023 by Stuart Vanner!

Now we have finished 2022,

What did it mean for me and you?
Had it been for you a lovely year?
Or was it full of dread and fear?

In 2023 do you feel you'll cope?

And shall it contain joy and hope?
Will it contain great determination?
Will it bring unhappiness or elation?

Is it a year for special missions?

And one to plan new ambitions?
Shall it be a year full of belief?
And from your pain you'll feel relief?

Will you make new resolutions?

And turn your problems into solutions?
So here's to you and here's to me,
And have wonderful 2023!!

We'll be using our website blog to provide updates about the service and also as a platform for our clients to showcase their creative talents!

Here's some hot off the press new poetry from Stuart as our first post of 2023!

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