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Build Confidence and get active at our TENNIS TEAM UP!

Something brand new to announce for 2024!

Supported by Nottinghamshire LTA, aebal and Keyworth Tennis club are teaming up for a one off event (but with potential to evolve into a two or three off event) on Wednesday 17th April.

We have 12 of our clients and 4 of our staff signed up for an afternoon of tennis based fun and games for all levels of ability. There will be coaching available for those who have played before and want to work on their skills, as well as inclusive tennis ball based exercise for those who have never picked up a racket before!

The tone of the day will be to encourage everyone to have a go, instill lots of positive energy and humour and hopefully provide the group with a meaningful and memorable afternoon of confidence boosting physical activity!

There is also talk of hiring a tennis ball machine to create further fun and chaos and also add an element of self-defense to some of the games!

Keyworth Tennis Club have been wonderfully kind and accommodating by also providing some food and refreshments for everyone in their club house during and after the tennis.

We just need the weather to be equally kind and accommodating on Wednesday!

Please feel free to get in touch for more details if you are interested in coming down to see what aebal and Tennis Team Ups are all about!

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