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aebal 2022 Christmas do!

Thursday Dec 22nd - 5:30pm - 8:30pm ish

Welcome to our new look website and blog! Our first entry is to provide you with details for our 2022 Christmas party!

We'll be hosting this year's festive gathering at our Thursday night cooking venue which is the village hall in Gamston. (NG2 6NX)

After a bit of deliberation and after speaking to our clients, we've decided to banish parents from this one! From the feedback we received, it seems the inclusion of relatives kind of takes the edge off the excitement of being out on a Thursday night! We will certainly sort out an event in 2023 where everyone can come along and mingle though....We still haven't managed to arrange the 10 year anniversary party as yet so we'll aim to do that in Spring.

What to expect at the Christmas bash

So, we're going to put on a big Christmas buffet to provide the necessary energy and calories for everyone to mingle and be merry. There will also be a bit of a disco vibe with music and lights plus some Karaoke as well! In addition to the noise we'll also have a few computer games available and board games for those who prefer to sit down. There's a rumour we may even in facilitate some old skool musical chairs, combining both noise and sitting down. All aebal staff will be attending and the word on the street is that some old aebal faces from the past may also swing by....but we'll have to see....

We've penciled in 8:30pm as the finish time as, from experience, 3hrs seems like the amount of time most people can manage

Transport and costs

All the staff are available to come along to this one which means we have 5 cars available to collect clients and drop home, whilst Jason and his folks set up the venue. For those who are getting dropped off or can make their own way to Gamston, this venue is much simpler to access than the town pub we used to use for our parties. It's part of a village green so lots of space and quiet roads surrounding it. We'll start planning travel logistics nearer the time but please get in touch if you're able to make your own way there. Obviously people can be collected earlier from the party if they've had enough before 8:30pm!

There is no charge for entry to the party. We will be billing a reduced rate for the session which will just be to cover staff's time.

Feel free to get in touch or comment with any questions!

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