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At aebal we believe individuals can often be restricted by the world around them rather than by their disability or mental health condition.


Too many of us have the tendency to become uncomfortable when we are exposed to behaviours we perceive as being different or inappropriate. We end up being conditioned and taught to behave normally, but perhaps normal doesn't work for everyone. 

At aebal, we recognise the world is full of wonderfully unconventional and neurodiverse human beings who are not constrained by normality, and nor should they be.

From the experience we have gained over the many years of supporting people, we understand that when you attempt to force convention upon a neurodiverse person it can cause harmful identity issues, it massively damages self-confidence, it can limit creative potential, it deters and inhibits people from integrating into their community and, in most cases, is completely unnecessary!


Our team's approach is to never condescend, overprotect or condition people, but instead empower our clients to believe in themselves, discover what is important to them and never be afraid to embrace who they are!

Safeguarding is of course paramount in our support, but equally important to us is that everyone develops a sense of self, behaves authentically and a gains a genuine and permanent feeling of belonging.

At aebal we encourage individuality, alleviate societal pressures and aim to challenge perceptions by being as creative and unconventional as possible in our approach to social care.

Our mission is to inject some much needed fun, humour and personality into social support! and then transfer that energy into the mainstream community!


Each day we strive to create meaningful experiences and meaningful connections, which we hope will lead to our clients gaining new outlooks and aspirations for their futures and the confidence to welcome every opportunity life can bring.

aebal sessions create the social dynamics for self-esteem to flourish and for the community to become a more inclusive and open-minded place.

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