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About us |


aebal Leisure is a small but progressive Community Interest Company based in Nottingham. Founded by support workers, we are reinventing the image of social care through the creativity of our support and our approach to employment.


All of our support is delivered out in the community and every session is different depending on the person being supported.

For our service users, being part of aebal Leisure means:


# The freedom to get out of their home and lead more active and full lives.

# The opportunity to meet like-minded people and form new friendships.

# aebal Leisure support is about finding opportunities that make people feel more        included, confident and independent out in the community.


We view preventing isolation, transforming lives and supporting people to overcome adversity as an enormously important responsibility. Working for aebal Leisure can often be emotionally and physically challenging and is by no means a typical 9-5 low prospect care job.



The type of people we employ |


We look for active and enthusiastic people who are passionate and creative in their approach to social care. We need people who have plenty of initiative, understand our team ethic and want to play a significant part within a growing service.


To work for aebal Leisure you need to be striving for something more meaningful and willing to dedicate yourself to the cause. This often involves investing a lot of time and energy outside of typical working hours. Weekends and evenings are often the time our support is most needed and has the most positive impact on our service users’ lives.


aebal Leisure employees must understand this need and embrace the service and it's values as a whole.


Working for aebal Leisure is uniquely rewarding, challenging and great fun! You have the privilege of working with some fantastic human beings and supporting them to do all sorts of leisure, sports and social activities to improve their health and well-being. The job involves being outside a lot so you'll be very active and find yourself all over Nottinghamshire (and sometimes further afield).

Every week is different, you’ll experience something random every day and will often be laughing.


This job is by no means a walk in the park, but you will get to walk in a lot of parks.


We reward well to do this with the added possibility of career progression and playing an important part in the future success of aebal Leisure.


Positions available |


The nature of the service means we are happy to employ people who have varying levels of availability. Depending on personal circumstance, involvement with aebal Leisure can be on a volunteer, part-time or short-term basis but there is also the prospect of full-time positions and senior positions. It should be noted that having a car and a driving license is essential for full-time positions.



Please feel free to contact us to enquire about any current vacancies.

"This job is by no means a walk in the park,

but you will get to walk in a lot of parks."

Jack Sheldon

'Master of Sports and Gaming!'

Tom Wood

'Master of Wales and maybe coming back...'

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Jason Bradley

'Master of Ideas and Friendship!'

Holly Lucas

"Master of Positive Energy and Vegetables!"


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Robbie Vincent Shields

'Master of Comedy and Birmingham'


Josh Zeffie

'Master of Sensitivity and Rock City Gigs!'


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