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By aebal Stories, Jan 21 2019 11:18AM

The Sunday Mash has officially arrived!

An idea on a tired drive home one Thursday night in November last year has now become a thing! and what a great thing!

Jack and Jason arrived early with bags and bags (Thank you IKEA for your giant blue sacks) of screens, laptops, gaming consoles, DVD players, boardgames, speakers, projectors, extention leads and a substansial amount of popcorn.

Being men, they both believe they know how electricity works and which cable should go where. They liaised with each other in sopisticated technical jargon such as "Have you got the big thick cable for this?" and "ah sh#t I've forgot the controllers" and "have you tried sticking it in there?".

In a mere 45 minutes of slick organisational prowess, they stood back with a cup of tea and reflected on their work......Their work was a failed attempt at bringing the right cables for the projector speakers, only 2 of the 5 gaming screens set up, chairs and tables all in the wrong places and a really stressful amount of cables and extension leads everywhere! Why were they drinking tea?! People still wonder about this.

With 5 minutes to spare, some hectic phonecalls and asking another man (who knows electricity) 'how can we make noise come out of here please', they were finally up and running and the place somehow looked absolutely great!

With the help of staff member Tim rounding up people from the square, the first Sunday Mash attendees began to filter in and a quiet room soon began to fill with conversation and laughter.

A few nervous new faces were soon feeling relaxed with drink in hand, chatting to staff or playing classic Nintendo!

The energy was great and everyone felt confident and comfortable enough to wander about, grab themselves a drink from the bar and mingle.

At 1:30 we stuck the INCREDIBLES 2 on the big screen upstairs (with sound), turned the lights off, handed out the complimentory popcorn and it was like our very own cinema!

Another group chose to stay downstairs with other staff in the video game and boardgame area. After an hour or so both groups had merged (possibly popcorn related) and everyone got involved with all the activities on offer!

It was 4pm in no time and parents and carers arrived to pick up some happy and energised people!

What a great start to the Sunday Mash!! MORE PHOTOS HERE!

Feb Mash is now confirmed for SUNDAY 24th 1pm - 4pm


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