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Our active staff and clients are out and about around Nottingham (and often further a field) morning, noon and night!

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By aebal Stories, Jan 19 2019 03:03PM

Service manager Jack came down to our Saturday morning fitness session today to see what all the hype was about. All our staff get involved in the activities and Jack is no exception!

New medicine ball game: each person creates a random exercise with the ball and then hurls it at whoever they choose and then that person has to replicate the previous exercise! If the ball was accidently dropped then that too was replicated by the next person.....hard to explain.....we should really do a video.... I'll do a video.

Anyway, 15 minutes of weights followed and then we headed off to the boxing gym as usual and everyone worked up a proper sweat! Boxing is such a great combination of action and cardio and everyone is always buzzing after releasing some aggression out on the bags.

When we were all exhausted and just about to head home, Jack and staff member Joe were prompted, (perhaps goaded) into a quick bout of body sparring! It was a great spectacle and all of the 6 people in the gym stopped what they were doing to watch this classic matchup!

After a few minutes however they returned to what they were doing as the bout disappointingly fizzled out due to poor fitness.

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