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By aebal Stories, Feb 27 2019 04:13PM

A great turnout on Sunday for aebal's first ever attempt at a Pub Quiz!!

25 attendees in all with a mixture of aebal people, some welcome new faces, our special guests from Rolls Royce and also some friends of the service who had nothing better to do with their Sunday afternoons!

This is what the Sunday Mash is all about, bringing people together regardless of background or disability....on a Sunday....

After shouting Jack 5 times to stop playing Fifa upstairs, we began ushering the Sunday Mash rabble into 5 evenly matched teams and they were soon seated and ready to compete in pen to pen combat!

As this was nearly everyone's first experience of a pub quiz we expected some of the guys (including Jack) to get distracted and head upstairs to the video gaming area. However, we were soon on to round 3 and pop tasting and it was fanstastic to see each team trying hard, working together and gagging on Dandelion and Burdock (or fizzy cough medicine as it was described).

60 minutes later we had completed the Movie theme tune round, Chocolate tasting round, Harry Potter round and there was still no sign of wavering! (Aside from Jason on the mic who hadn't quite comprehended how exhausting 90 minutes of reading out loud can be)

Now was the time for the mystery object round courtesy of our Rolls Royce Guests. A really heavy pointy blue thing was revealed and everyone swarmed towards it with curious excitment. It went down a treat and there were lots of random guesses, all way off the mark!

In the end we gave the clue that this object was once quite dangerous!!

Quizzes completed, each team then swapped their sheets with a nearby table for marking to commence. Jason and his extremely dry mouth managed to scavenge some of the dregs from the pop tasting round (thankfully from cans 4 and 6) and the answers were read out.

30 minutes later after some controversy surrounding the mystery object round, we were ready to announce the winners!

'Team Loxley' just edged the win with 40.5 points and 'The Cool Group' came in with 40 points! Exciting stuff.

Certificates and winning chocolates were distributed and then everyone headed upstairs to the board games and screens to wind down from the quiz and socialise.

A super successful February Sunday Mash!

What will the March Mash have in store???? we actually haven't decided yet......so there's genuine mystery there.

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