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By aebal Stories, Feb 13 2019 05:00PM

Sometimes accessing the community can mean escaping the noise and social demands of the general populous.

This week we took a couple of our new clients down to Gunthorpe Bridge for a leisurely walk by the river and in the company of our two canine assistants Lily and Bailey!

We came equipped with some binoculars, a bird spotting book and a DSLR camera to capture some countryside moments and to potentially spot some things, ideally birds.

The weather was perfect and there was definitely a hint of Spring in the air as our small group meandered along the river bank.

We find that peaceful and scenic environments like this often provide the opportunity for people to gain more social confidence and are a good starting point for new friendships.

Hyperactive dogs also provide a good distraction and some slapstick entertainment as they bound into the river to retrieve their ball and terrify some Coots! On reflection, walking dogs and bird spotting are two activities that probably shouldn't be combined.

After a 45 minute walk we headed to a nearby cafe for a hot chocolate and a sit down with two stinking dogs and a confident little Robin who fluttered around our table. We unfornately didn't have any crumbs to offer the little fella, and he declined our attempt to feed him whipped cream from a spoon but both guys clearly enjoyed the company of this unexpected visitor.

The nature didn't stop there as we soon hopped into the car, picked up a bag of carrots from Sainsbury's and went to hang out with some horses! We hadn't anticipated what a muddy mess their field would be in however and it became instantly clear that our trainers were useless footwear. We slid around regardless and bravely managed to flat hand feed them the full bag of carrots.

The mud was all part of the experience though and staff member Jason did wonders with the 3 wet wipes he found in the glove box.

Ah... nature :)

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