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Our active staff and clients are out and about around Nottingham (and often further a field) morning, noon and night!

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By aebal Stories, Sep 2 2019 07:55PM

A recent Saturday morning session and a great example of what aebal support is all about.

Ash and Mohamed were picked up from their homes first thing, both sleepy but happy to be on their way out.

As they both saw the Lion King recently, we decided to stick the original animation soundtrack on the car stereo then compare it with the new songs! A great way to wake everyone up properly and with the windows down, the sun shining and 2 versions of 'I just can't wait to be King' blasting out the speakers, we headed to West Bridgford for a fun new session idea.

We understand that a lot of the guys we support really enjoy meeting the general public and it's often a much better experience than just being with staff members all the time. So today's plan was to head to West Bridgford Farmers market where lots of independent small business sell various foods and also love to talk about their small independent businesses that sell food. There were also plenty of free samples on offer too!

With a little prompting from staff member Jason, Ash was soon discussing his favourite puddings with the DoughNotts stand whilst also working out how many doughnuts he could afford with his £10 spend (Not as many as you would think! As they were very fancy and also massive) 15 minutes later after chatting to the Pie people and the Smoked Cheese people we decided to head down the avenue to find somewhere to sit outside and grab a drink. There was a perfect spot available at Yumacha, an Oriental Tea House, so we all sat down with the menus whilst being dazzled by sunlight. It became apparent that Mohamed was so dazzled that he couldn't actually read the menu, so we rotated seats until his sight was fully restored. We then proceeded to select some random teas that we couldn't pronounce the names of and waited for them to arrive....

A few moments later we were pleasantly surprised to discover each tea arrives in it's own distinct and colourful oriental tea pot with a complimentary fortune cookie! It was instantly a much more memorable experience than simply grabbing a tea from Greggs (sorry Greggs, we still love your sausage rolls).

The process of carefully putting our mini strainers in position, pouring tea from our beautiful teapots into fancy tea cups, cracking fortune cookies open and then enjoying all the unusual flavours, was a sensory delight!

After our Zxhighni tea we decided to head back to the market to wash it down with a massive Doughnut. Admittedly it would have been better to reorder this plan but who's to say what you can or cannot wash down. Ash ordered a Salted Caramel bisuitey Doughtnut, Jason ordered a Bakewell tart concoction and Mohamed sensibly declined the challenge. We took our selections to the park behind the market and finished the morning off by sitting on a park bench and watching a wedding in the sunshine!

Lovely stuff and the elements of this session really encapsulates what aebal support is about. Real experiences, small friendship groups, community integration and trying massive doughnuts.

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