By aebal-leisure, Oct 16 2015 09:14PM

After reading our recent press release (The monkey one, just to the right) The Nottingham Post got in touch to request a photo shoot and an interview with ourselves and a service user. The paparazzi showed up to snap us on a road trip to West Midlands Safari Park and a meeting was arranged with a journalist to ask us some questions about what we do.

Korrey and his Mum kindly agreed to join us for the interview and we talked all about aebal and how social services in Nottingham were shifting to encourage more self-directed support. It was a great opportunity to promote all the micro-providers around Nottingham and the great person-centred support on offer. There were a few miss quotes, one of them stating Korrey never got to go out before aebal Leisure came along! Korrey would like to reiterate that he has in fact been outside on a number of occasions during the first 18 years of his life and is now quite used to sunlight.

It was great to receive the recognition though and hopefully the article enlightened Nottingham Post readers to the forward thinking Social care services popping up all over the County.


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