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As part of Nottingham's recent Mental Health awareness week, Jack and I attended two events both on a Thursday and both really handily timed.

From 9:30 we were at the Capital FM arena listening to Nottingham City council speak about how motivated the city is in challenging the stigma attached to mental health problems. Councillor Alex Norris was there as was the Nottingham Chief of Police. It was really refreshing and inspiring to hear how passionate they both were about treating people with mental conditions with respect and understanding. The room was full of people who embraced the Nottingham Wellness in Mind Strategy and there were many interesting discussions relating to the link between physical and mental health, promoting open attitudes and the importance of early intervention. 75% of mental health problems begin before the age of 18 was just one of the many statistics we heard. Another phrase that really resonated with Jack and I was 'support to build resilience to life problems'. ..As a service that deals directly with vulnerable adults it is something we naturally do during our sessions and it was really encouraging to gain some genuine interest when we explained what our sessions involved. There was a real mixture of individuals in the room and the event provided the opportunity to share thoughts and understand the many roles people play across the city.

In the afternoon after a quick stop at Harvester for lunch (we somehow ate outside in the October sunshine too) we headed over to the Nottingham Voluntary Action Centre on Mansfield road. Here, the charity Integritas were hosting a Bringing People Together event and we were running a stall to meet other organisations and people who were looking to access support directly. Jack and I had the pleasure of meeting all sorts of interesting people and we both did a lot of good chat. We also took our brand new aebal Leisure pop up banner out for spin which felt pretty good. Thanks to Kerry at Integritas for bringing everyone together!

A great day all in all and reassuring to know that there is a real need for the type of support aebal Leisure provide. We look forward to helping more people to begin recovery from mental health problems and to have a positive and more hopeful outlook to life.

"Take the I out of illness and replace it with well - WELLNESS!!!"

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