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By aebal-leisure, Oct 17 2015 07:25PM

We don't often think about how much of a difference aebal Leisure makes to people's lives. Happy faces are usually enough to reassure us the service is working. However we received this lovely letter out the blue the other week which gave us a real boost and Jack did a single (manly) tear. We felt we should share the love so here it is:

Dear aebal and the Transitions Team,

I would just like to drop you a note to say how much ***** has come on in self confidence since he has been going to Aebal, thanks to Jack and Jason.

He still has his moments with me, but after the initial hiccup, ****** is normally ready for Jack and Jason when they pick him up, sandwiches made and drinks, plus cinema and gym card when needed.

They take ***** out and he has done activities he would not normally try (good for Jason and Jack, who enable him to try these things) He has been canoeing, hiking, snooker, swimming, golf range, squash, badminton, gym, pool, cycling, archery and cooking this week

He also had a day out at Ingoldmills last Saturday and had a great time, also he has been to the Peak District and Gedling Park​

Pictures, Chinese and karaoke (***** has a better social life than me!)

I would just like to say I would recommend Aebal to any user, they do truly care about ***** and you can see that when he talks about his activities and them (Jack and Jason), when he does open up to me.

I know he is opening up to Jack and Jason about his hopes and needs (more than me) which is great, as he needs to express his feelings to someone, so he can become more confident and hopefully more independent.

Thanks Jason and Jack, your doing a great job and truly love what you are doing (you sometimes look worn out from all those activities!) ****** does not know why it took him so long for me to persuade him to give you a try, and now he has, he loves it.

Thanks again

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