"Support with Personality"


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aebal believe individuals are often restricted by the barriers that society puts up rather than by their disability.



Generally, people’s attitudes are influenced by preconceived ideals of what they perceive to be correct or appropriate behaviour. We believe this kind of blinkered mentality can often result in conventional behaviour being forced upon unconventional individuals.


In our opinion, implementing this approach within a social care setting is never conducive to community integration and is more likely to inhibit and distance individuals from mainstream society.

We believe this urge to teach normality is unnecessary, can limit potential and is born out of a societal need to ‘make ourselves feel more comfortable’.  


The aebal approach is to embrace individuality, alleviate social expectations and be unrestricted in our provision of community based support. Safeguarding is paramount, but equally important to us is to ensure everyone involved in the service has a true sense of belonging and independence.


We never patronise or overprotect but instead encourage individuals to be themselves, make decisions and take control.

By working closely on a one to one basis and in small friendship groups we can be extremely creative with the activities we provide and the way we support people to access and reshape their community.


aebal sessions create the social dynamics for self-confidence to flourish and for mainstream society to become a more inclusive and open-minded place.

Mission Statement

The aebal ethos is to be there with the person, not for them...