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Our story....


aebal Leisure was conceived in 2012 by Jason Bradley.


Working for many years in the learning disability sector Jason acknowledged the differing interests and abilities of each person and strongly believed in a person-centred approach.

Aside from attending traditional council run day services and the occasional trip to the pub, there seemed to be a real lack of outlets to access community based activities. As a result, individuals found themselves un-stimulated, stuck indoors and being supported by the same member of staff for long periods.

These tired routines became the norm and it was clear they were having a negative effect on both the service user and the support worker.


Jason began researching into ideas and after speaking with local authorities, it was explained that the approach to social care was changing.

Moving forward, support would be offered that was more person-centred and encouraged individuals to proacticvely choose activities and opportunities based on their needs and interests.


The service was born!


aebal Leisure is embracing this demand and committed to delivering a refreshing new approach to the provision of outreach support.

Through person-centred leisure activities the aebal Leisure team can offer a welcome contrast to tired routines and a much needed outlet to the community.



"The support we provide is not about being there for the person, but being there with them"



Service users are always carefully supported but in no way patronized or overprotected.


We believe in social inclusion and source mainstream activities whenever possible.

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" Even when I'm not in a good mood, I always come home from an aebal session with a smile on my face!"


                                            Service user


" aebal Leisure really does stand alone with any other service I've seen"                          

                                      Carers Trust

"My son’s been with aebal Leisure for about 6 months and since starting

there’s been a huge difference in his quality of life - and through that ours also. Initially our son took some persuading to find out more, but immediately after meeting up with Jason he wanted to

have a try – and now he wouldn’t miss it for the world. It’s not just what they do but the fact that he feels so comfortable with all the staff.

Before he would never have gone out in the evening or at the weekend – but now he has done both. I think we are so lucky to have found this service."



" aebal leisure is a very forward thinking service. I have been impressed how it has flexed to the changing demands of citizen support whilst strongly staying focused on their core beliefs and values"


                                       Social Worker

" We tried lots of difference services but aebal was the only one that really worked for my son. The one to one support is fantastic and the sessions are always based around his interests. Great value in all senses of the word. Could not ask for anything better!"



" Your mission statement is perfect and I love your approach. It is unusual to witness such a high level of understanding and it is exciting for me to meet like minded people and a truly impressive practice like yours"

                                            National Austistic Society

" I would recommend aebal to any user. They truly care about my son and I can tell how much he enjoys it by the way he talks about the activities and about Jack and Jason!"                                          


" aebal enable my son to do activities he would never normally try. He's come on so much in self-confidence since he has been going out with aebal "                                          


" I've been longing for a service like this to come along. The social dynamic of young men helping young men to do physical activity is just what my patients need"                                          


                           NHS Physiotherapist

about us

" I have to say aebal has been great. It's the first time in years I feel as though I have some help supporting my son."                                      


" aebal leisure is amazing! Great ideas and great support!"


" aebal gives me the freedom to choose where I want to go"  


                                      Service user

" I have been canoeing, hiking, snooker, swimming, driving range, squash, badminton, gym, pool, cycling, archery and I'm trying cooking this week!"                                          

                                      Service user